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Sacred Sexuality - Rediscover Your True Sexual Identity - X3 Subliminal Program

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By Sovereign Subliminals

As promised, free for all to download and enjoy.

"Thank you very much. I'm starting to see that my sexuality has been what it originally was. I let doubt, uncertainty, and fear cloud my judgment. This really is bringing me back to my center!!"

- Casual Optimists

"The arising thoughts are changing, as if beliefs and ideas, specifically regarding masculinity, sexuality and its sacredness, are being rewritten. Deep-seated habits and behaviors pertaining to "Perversion" which I have been attempting to destroy are being uprooted."

- Taniniver


Your sexuality is sacred

This is one of the most important subliminals we have ever created.

This is a powerful tool for you if you feel like you have lost your way and you want to return home. 

The main purpose of this subliminal is to purge everything about your sexual tendencies, behavior, feelings, and ideas, and to realign you with your true sexual identity. It is a major step in healing fetishes and restoring your innocence and joy in a world that can sometimes lead you astray from who you originally are.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your sexual orientation is - this is for everyone because we truly believe that everyone on this planet deserves a healthy sexuality, free of shame, guilt, fear and sorrow. Since we created and released this subliminal for free, we highly encourage you to share this with anyone you think could be in need of it - everyone who is struggling with sexuality.

True sexuality is synonymous with love and joy.

When used consistently, you will notice your sense of sexuality changing drastically, yet naturally. Not only will you be free of everything that caused you so much pain and suffering and distorted your true sexual identity, you will also notice a radical shift in your relationships.

You will naturally start to truly respect yourself and your partner and you will select your partner based on how much he/she respects you. You will encourage your partner and your partner will encourage you. You will be confident and joyful about your sexuality and your partner will also be inspired to rediscover his or her true sexual identity.

If you currently aren’t in a relationship, this subliminal will help and guide you to be truthful, responsible, and mature with yourself and by yourself.


No one is lost. People just like you reclaimed their true sexuality


Sacred Sexuality is for you, if...

  • You are practicing NOPMO and desire to experience the bliss of pure, innocent sexuality
  • You are in a relationship and want to experience deeper, more profound levels of intimacy with your partner
  • You are currently not in your relationship and desire to manifest your soulmate. This subliminal can help you a lot because it helps you to truly live and radiate your true sexual self, free of shame, guilt and fear
  • You feel on a deep level that the current state of your sexuality and how you express it is not who you truly are and you long to experience this true self for yourself
  • You feel like you are lost and beyond redemption. You have tried so many things but nothing really worked out so far and you are about to lose hope. Don't. You are never truly lost and there is always a way.


It's time for you to rediscover your true sexual identity

This sexual health subliminal is non-judgemental. It doesn’t matter what your unhealthy sexual tendencies may be, and we don’t claim to know what is best for you - what we do know is that your subconscious knows and wants the best for you. Always. We let your subconscious heal and restore your true sexual identity so that you may enjoy the innocence and purity of your real being again. 

You don't need to believe in any of these words if you feel hopeless.

Experience it for yourself.

Support us and become part of a new future:

Disclaimer: All our products are digital in nature and as such strictly informational and for entertainment purposes. By using our products you assume sole responsibility for any damage that may occur.

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Sacred Sexuality - Rediscover Your True Sexual Identity - X3 Subliminal Program

33 ratings
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