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Lucid Dreaming - Experience Profound Lucid Adventures X3 (prerelease version) Subliminal Program

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Experience epic lucid dreams in 30 days or less

Flying above the clouds. Visiting other planets. Playing cricket with aliens at a bbq party.

Meeting a celebrity. Spending a romantic night with your crush. Breathing underwater. Time-traveling to the years 1000 BC, 1880, 3000...

Anything is possible in a Lucid Dream. Anything

Become The Oneironaut

"But learning to lucid dream is so hard and it takes time!"

If you ever bothered to read articles or books or watch videos about lucid dreaming, you surely got the impression that lucid dreaming is complicated, takes a lot of time and effort and eventually, after some initial period of excitement, you gave up. But it never left your mind. Eventually, you started again... and gave up again after a few weeks.

What if lucid dreaming was way easier and quicker to learn than what you have been told?

What if you had a subliminal that you simply play whenever you want that turned you into a natural lucid dreamer on auto-pilot?

This subliminal exists now. Specifically designed for you.

No more dream journaling, reality checking, and frustrating

Lucid dreaming is one of the most sought-after abilities in the subliminal community.

There exist many many different products that are designed for this purpose, and many of them are great! But there has never ever been anything like The Oneironaut. Ever.

It has been designed with the goal in mind to turn anyone who doesn't even remember their dreams into a natural lucid dreamer who enjoys hours of crystal clear, hyper-realistic, and fully controllable dreams every night. And we achieved our goal, as our testers confirmed, who had a blast experiencing their dream adventure in full consciousness and coming back to tell about them, remembering them to the minute detail - often several hours of dreams!

You thought that was incredible enough? We took things even further.

Use your lucid dreams as a profound tool for self-transformation

We wanted The Oneironaut to be something truly special and unique. We didn't just want to make sure that everyone enjoys their lucid dreams, no. We had high ambitions.

The Oneironaut will help you to befriend your subconscious mind and learn to interpret and use the symbols it gives you in your dreams as powerful tools for your own development. You will not just enjoy your creative dreams, you will also be in direct dialogue with your subconscious to learn more about yourself and your life, to heal and befriend nightmarish creatures, and to form a powerful team with your dream allies that will help you in your daily life just as much as in your dream life.

This is a profound step in your spiritual journey.

Becoming A Natural Lucid Dreamer

The Oneironaut provides you with everything you need to quickly gain control over your dreams and use special abilities. Time-travel, teleportation, materializing objects and people, morphing, flying, magical abilities - we got you covered.

Here is a comprehensive list of all features you will quickly explore with The Oneironaut:

  • Astonishingly vivid, hyper-realistic dreams (Hyper-realistic meaning more realistic and vivid than your daily life)
  • Stabilize and lengthen your dreams (Imagine spending HOURS in a crystal clear lucid dream, doing whatever you want..)
  • Effortless lucidity and becoming aware in your dreams (No more techniques!)
  • Be protected at all times - You always have the ability to end your lucid dream if you want to
  • Manipulate time, space, matter, people, objects to your willing
  • Use your lucid dreams as a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams
  • Full dream memory, from beginning to end - No longer will you forget your beautiful dream memories or important details!
  • Connect to your subconscious mind and use your dreams as powerful tools for transformation - befriend your nightmares, learn more about yourself and heal whatever needs to be healed in your life
  • Become a natural lucid dreamer and make lucid dreaming a natural part of your everynight life

Where is the proof?

Now, these claims may seem incredible to some, especially those who are not yet familiar with Sovereign Subliminals. They may seem unbelievable. We have tested this subliminal program for almost a year because we don't release subliminals until they exceed our wildest expectations.

Here is what our testers reported

The door to epic lucid adventures is right in front of you.

The key lies in your hands.

What will you do?



By the way, 1 loop per day is enough!

NOTE: We offer every customer a one-time full refund for a product they tried for at least 30 days and didn't like - no questions asked. 60 Days money-back guarantee means that you have to use the product for 30 days and after that, you have another 30 days to get refunded for said product. One time per customer.

Disclaimer: All of our products are digital in nature, none come in any physical way or form. None of our products is meant to replace professional medical advice. Use at your own risk. Ask your doctor for advice if in doubt. Please don't use our subliminals more than 1-3 times a day. These are not classic subliminals and you will only hurt yourself if you overdo it. You will not get faster results by listening for longer periods of time.

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Lucid Dreaming - Experience Profound Lucid Adventures X3 (prerelease version) Subliminal Program

3 ratings
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