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The Natural - Overcome Approach Anxiety Once And For All - X3 (prerelease version) Subliminal Meditation Program

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"Felt extremely social today, went shopping and small talked with random people [...], I was talking with everyone about everything and got a girl's Instagram lol, she said she liked my jacket and we should hang out sometime. [...] It's like all previous blocks I had were suddenly removed and I was free to be myself and express myself."

- Cosmo


Please Note: This is a prerelease version of an X3-subliminal to give you a taste of the new way we will build our subliminals, once X3 is fully developed. Since X3 is way more advanced than X2, 1 loop per day is completely sufficient to reap the benefits.

The Fear Of Rejection In Action

She looks at you as you walk down the street.

You manage an awkward smile, not knowing what to do or say.

She smiles back.

You keep walking.

An inner civil war breaks out.

"She is gorgeous! I'd love to get to know her! But how? I have no idea what to say. I don't feel confident today. I am not even attractive, not at all. She probably has a boyfriend anyway."

She walks by.

You know you will never see her again.

"Damn it. I wish I had the guts to approach her."

Does this sound familiar?


The Pandemic Of Approach Anxiety

All around the world, there are millions of men today suffering from approach anxiety. You wish you could approach, but the mere thought of it makes your skin tingle, your heart race and you start sweating in fear of not knowing what to say or do.

In the meanwhile, you see all these dating coaches on social media effortlessly approaching and attracting women and you wish you could be like them.

You may even have some friends who seem to have no problem interacting with women.

"Why can't I be like this? Why can't I do this too?"

You have experienced years of loneliness, bitterness, impatience, and hopelessness.

You may have previously overcome challenges in your life, but this one appears insurmountable. It seems like they just have something that you don't. That's life, right?

Better to be realistic and accept it as it is.

Maybe some men are just not meant for this whole dating thing.




The Cure To Approach Anxiety

Sovereign Subliminals proudly presents our definite answer to the pandemic of approach anxiety. We experimented a lot, we tested a lot and we refined over and over again until we were confident enough to guarantee success. This subliminal is designed to turn the most insecure, shiest, and least experienced guy into an approach and seduction pro in days.

  • Free yourself completely from approach anxiety and all programming and emotional trauma associated to talking to and seducing women.
  • Be magically driven to approach: Imagine what it would be like if you never ever had to motivate yourself to go out and meet people again, instead you would be driven by an invisible, almighty force to approach again and again - because you love to do it. Because you yearn for it. Because you simply can't ignore the urge to approach attractive women anymore.
  • Now you may be thinking "This is all nice, but I simply don't have any opportunity to meet women I like" - we got you covered. You will notice that all of a sudden social opportunities pop into your life. All of a sudden you get invited, people reach out to you, introduce you to other people, events take place in your neighborhood. In other words: The world will bend over to create the ideal playfield for you to practice and enjoy approaching women. Even if you currently know absolutely no one at all.
  • But what if you still mess up? What if you manage to approach women but... you have no clue what to say or they are not attracted to you? Remember, you are now The Natural and that means you not only approach naturally, but you also converse and seduce naturally. You will find the words flowing out of your mouth as if you are channeling the spirit of pure masculine seduction himself ... at the same time, you don't really care if you mess up or not - and guess what? Women actually don't care either. It is about having fun and being natural and this is exactly what you will be like from now on.
  • You don't have to do anything while using THE NATURAL. No challenges, no habit stacking, no plans - no worries. All you need to do is let the subliminal do its thing and in no time you will find yourself automatically do and say what you never thought was possible for you.
  • And of course, we take things even further. What if women wanted you to approach them? What if everywhere you went, you would be welcomed by women, appreciated by women and ... seduced by women?


THE NATURAL is your ticket from the very bottom to the very top of the dating game - in a very short period of time.

But hold on. These are pretty wild claims. You may have struggled with approach anxiety for decades and it may feel like you are this one exception for whom nothing works. Can we prove, no, guarantee that The Natural will keep its promise?


How Regular Guys Become Seduction Pros - In Days

When we selected the testers for this subliminal, we were specifically looking for people who

  • have suffered from approach anxiety and fear of rejection for a long time
  • have tried many things like social game courses, dating coaches, pick up, hypnosis, NLP, seduction books, or even other subliminals before but nothing really solved their issue
  • maybe have never even approached a girl in their life
  • feel hopeless about their situation because for them, being able to approach a woman they like, is an essential part of being a masculine man

This is what they reported:

As you can see, our testers are completely normal, regular guys just like you, who have struggled with approach anxiety, just like so many other men.

And just as it was normal and natural for them, in the beginning, to let opportunities pass and shy away from the thought of talking to girls, in the same way, it is now normal and natural for them to talk to women, crack jokes, and have a good time.

Can you imagine yourself doing the same?

Can you imagine what your life would be like 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 months, 3 months down the road if you were today magically cured of approach anxiety and could talk to and seduce any woman you want to get to know?

Would that be a better dating life?

It is possible and we have proven it.

Any guy can now step into their most natural, seductive version of themselves, without having to pay thousands of dollars for dating boot camps, without having to come up with pick up routines and habits to get out of their comfort zone, and without having to spend months and years building your sexual market value.

Allow yourself to experience this magical transformation firsthand.

Allow yourself to overcome your approach anxiety today and enjoy the dating life of your dreams.

Allow yourself to become THE NATURAL - Today.

NOTE: We offer every customer a one-time full refund for a product they tried for at least 30 days and didn't like - no questions asked. 60 Days money-back guarantee means that you have to use the product for 30 days and after that, you have another 30 days to get refunded for said product. One time per customer.

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The Natural - Overcome Approach Anxiety Once And For All - X3 (prerelease version) Subliminal Meditation Program

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