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IMAGINE - Awaken Your Inner Eye - X2 Subliminal Meditation Program

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"While doing my imaginal session, I saw that the darkness in my vision was slowly fading away and I could actually see the place I was imagining. That blackness was slowly revealing the blue skies, the waterfalls, the trees and birds around me. It was a first time for me to actually visualize to such an extent."

- I_AM, on day 6


Imagine like the masters of all time 

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere."

- Albert Einstein

"Imagination is seeing with the eye of God."

- Neville Goddard

"My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements and operate the device entirely in my mind."

- Nikola Tesla


What if...

you could close your eyes and step into any imaginal world you desire to experience whenever you wanted?

What if...

your imaginal adventures were not just flat 2D experiences like watching a movie, but full-blown multisensory, immersive hyper-realistic journeys through your own infinite universe of never-ending creativity?

In other words:

What if you could imagine whatever you wanted and experience it with such incredible sensory intensity that you seriously question what "reality" actually means?

Sovereign Subliminals proudly presents one of the most thoroughly tested and improved subliminal programs we have ever created.

IMAGINE will take you way beyond what you thought was possible for you - no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in using your imagination. This program is a surefire way to imagination mastery within weeks.

Step into the world of your imagination

  • Make your inner world just as real as the outer world

... or even more real. Hyperrealistic. IMAGINE guarantees full sensory immersion into your fantasy worlds and scenes. As you can read from the reports below you will find yourself very quickly enabled to fully step into your fantasy worlds and experience them just as you experience day-to-day life, along with all sensory vividness and tones of reality. Over time, your imagination will become so powerful that it will even exceed your everyday reality.

What scene would you love to experience? Now you are able to simply close your eyes and experience this exact scene just as you would in the 3D world!

  • Unbreakable focus and effortless concentration on your imaginal scene 
  • Be naturally guided into a state in which it is easy to go deep into your imagination (State akin to sleep)


  • Auto-generation of imaginal scenes/worlds 

Simply describe what you want to experience and let it take shape on its own. That's it. You can lay back and simply enjoy your creations, while your subconscious facilitates your internal experience.

  • Project your imagination into the 3d-world 

This is the ability to merge your fantasy with your surroundings, similar to Augmented Reality. Nikola Tesla described that he could see objects in incredible detail around him and he couldn't tell the imaginative object apart from physical objects around it. DaVinci practiced something very similar. This ability is now yours to enjoy as well.


  • Open the gates of creativity 

You will never be bored again. You will be bombarded with fun, interesting, unique, original, innovative, and creative ideas and solutions to any problem you deal with, whenever you want. You remain in full control.


  • Negative scenes and ideas are automatically canceled out for you 

This does not only apply to sessions when you sit down to imagine, but this will also translate to your everyday life and you will see your life getting more and more incredible and magical because you no longer plant negative imaginal seeds. This alone is very valuable. Think of how many times your imagination runs wild and presents the most horrible worst-case scenarios to you. You will never have to deal with that ever again.

  • Turn your mind into a physics engine 

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. You will find yourself be able to test and simulate the physical movements and behavior of any object, animal, or whatever else you may desire. Run simulations in your mind and experience how powerful your mind truly is. Nikola Tesla had such a powerful imagination, that he constructed his machines all in his mind where he refined them until he knew they would work the way they are supposed to if he actually built them - and they did.

  • Be motivated to regularly practice imagining

You love all of this but... you just can't get yourself to actually practice? We got you covered. This subliminal will make sure that it is a joy for you to practice imagining regularly - you will be driven to practice. You will love it and it will be fun and you will look forward to every opportunity to imagine.


  • Manifest with ease

Fans of Neville Goddard will love this. Just ponder the implications of having the capability to imagine whatever you want in such natural, vivid detail and sensory vividness that any 4k movie would pale in comparison ... Of course, this also means that all other subliminals you use will have much much stronger effects and bring faster results.

  •  Awaken your Higher Self

Some testers reported having lucid dreams and spontaneous out-of-body experiences as well as mystical experiences. Neville Goddard described how practicing his imagination led him to experience profound mystical visions, lucid dreams, bilocation, out-of-body experiences, and cultivate many other abilities. Imagination is the gateway to awaken the dreamer in you and it will increase all other powers, potentials, and abilities manifold. 


You don't believe it? Well, we couldn't believe what our testers reported either:


Notice the incredible progress within a matter of a few days and weeks, from having either weak or average imagination skills to experiencing imaginal scenes in hyper-realistic detail

If you want to take your imagination to this level and beyond, this subliminal program is for you. It takes care of everything for you and provides a profound depth and clarity to your imaginal worlds, that you did not know was possible. 

Hyper-realistic sight, touch, feeling, taste, smell, hearing as well as sense, focus and so much more are all taken care of, so all you need to do is know what you want to experience and your desired world will instantly take shape all around you. The weather, people, animals, and other creatures are completely under your control and yet at the same time, they feel as independent and behave as realistically as it gets.

IMAGINE is for you, if ...

  • You always admired geniuses and masters like Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla and Neville Goddard and others for their power to imagine and experience whatever they wanted
  • You are looking for a quick and easy way to drastically increase and boost your imagination 
  • You are an artist, creative writer, designer, musician, engineer, or are working in any other field in which creativity, flow, problem-solving, and imagination are useful
  • You want to take your manifestation game to the next level and know how invaluable visions, dreams and fantasy are for that
  • You want to experience what your mind is truly capable of and explore the nature of consciousness and reality for yourself


It's time to awaken your imagination

Your imagination is infinity itself

IMAGINE will open the doors its for you.

It is safe to say that while fantasy and daydreaming are still underestimated today, more and more people are waking up to the truth: Everything begins with an idea that seems impossible at its time.

Until time catches up with imagination and proves it right.

You probably have an idea of the adventures waiting for you beyond the door of reason and skepticism.

Let's step through it now.

NOTE: We offer every customer a one-time full refund for a product they tried for at least 30 days and didn't like - no questions asked. 60 Days money-back guarantee means that you have to use the product for 30 days and after that, you have another 30 days to get refunded for said product. One time per customer.

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IMAGINE - Awaken Your Inner Eye - X2 Subliminal Meditation Program

4 ratings
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